Choosing the best dry dog food for your puppy or dog shouldn’t become a hard task but it is already. Everyday dog owners search for the best food for their dog. After going through the difficult aspect which involves choosing between wet or dry dog food, they are now faced again with a challenging decision-making process – which dry dog food is the best? This is highly dependent on the type of dog because of the variables involved e.g different taste buds, appetite, selection, age, and many others.

Why Choose Dry Dog Food
Dry dog food is made by baking with the use of heat. The end product after the process is hard brown nuggets. It can be fed easily to the dog, foods are eaten with a cleaner environment since food stain is minimal with dry dog foods, and it helps to keep the teeth clean (some people disagree with this), they last longer and are as nutritious as wet dog foods. Dry dog foods are usually cheaper than wet foods but that does not make it the only food a dog must consume, even with the benefits.

The best thing to do is to maintain a good balance, not in all cases though as it is a matter of opinion. A dog owner should find out what works for his/her dog with the aid of a vet and stick to it.

Best Dry Dog Food – Expensive or Cheaper?
Why should a dog owner purchase the best dry dog foods that are cheaper or the ones that are more costly? It’s a surprising fact that most people mistake price for quality – thinking that the more costly a dry dog food is, the better the quality – it’s not true. Some foods that some dog owners would never give their dogs are actually the foods that are more beneficial to the dog’s health. This must be duly noted. It’s in the best interest of the dog.

How to Choose The Best Dry Dog Food
Now, instead of providing a “done for you” list of the best dry dog foods (which you will still find in other pages of this website), it’s better to provide tips on how to chose the best dry dog food on the market, or rather, how to know if a dog food is a high quality food. The first check that should be done involves inspection of the label. There is a nutritional adequacy statement by the AAFCO that must be on every high quality dog food. The presence of this statement indicates that the food has the complete nutrients required for balanced nutrition.

The next step in choosing a dry dog food is related to the age and present condition of the dog. This should also be on the label. Some dry dog foods are made specifically for puppies, for lactating dogs, for older dogs, etc. However, there are some foods produced for every dog to feed on. After that, the right flavour must be chosen based on what the dog likes, it’s medical condition, lifestyle, etc. A dog should be watched closely to see how it responds to the food within 6 to 8 weeks – change of food could become necessary.

Contents of The Best Dry Dog Foods

best dry dog food

The best dog foods contain a mixture of all the important nutrients required by a dog’s body which includes: animal or plant protein, carbohydrates or grains, fats, minerals, and vitamins. There are other nutrients obviously, the most common ones have only been listed. Most dry dog foods are up to standards set by the AAFCO, but the nutrients in the best dry dog foods differ across different brands. Signs of quality and overall performance should be focused on rather than nutrient count.

Top Recommendation
taste of the wild best dry dog food
Everyone will say different things since choosing the best dry dog food is subjective to a certain extent. However, this one of the most popular dry dog foods and there is a reason why it is – it’s not for not for nothing.

Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food by Taste of The Wild …

– Average Price: $50
– Free Shipping on Amazon: Yes
– Top Benefits: Suitable for all life stages
– Contains Venison and Lean Bison with good flavour
– Promotes healthy immune system in dogs
– With veggies and fruits supplements
– Protective antioxidants present
– Percentage of 5 Star Ratings Relative to all Ratings: 74.7%

best dry dog food

The best dry dog food for one puppy or dog may be the worst for another. Using all the tips in this article, a dog owner should be able to find the best dry foods for their dogs and verify their quality.

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Best Dry Dog Food
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