Best Dry Dog Food For Large Breeds Golden, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, German Shepherd

There are several large breed dogs, the most popular being boxers, labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and german shepherds. The best dry dog food for large breeds will be listed below, regardless of the breed type they are made for. Since they are all large breeds, it only makes sense to think that a dog food for boxers is also a dog food for golden retrievers and it’s actually true. You don’t expect a dog food company to produce dog foods for each dog breed type, do you? Ok, there are and they’ll also be mentioned here

Best Dry Dog Food For Labrador Retrievers
dry dog food labrador
The top pick here is the Eukanuba Labrador Retriever Formula Dry Dog Food. Labradors like to fetch, run, and swim and they are more likely to have weight and joint issues probably as a result of these activities. Labradors have been bred to be active and lively and that is what the producers of this dog food aim to maintain. Feeding your lab with this food will keep him/her healthy and vibrant.

It contains a high level of nutrients that support your labrador’s joints, help in maintaining a healthy and good weight, support your lab’s immune system while it plays, keep it’s skin and coat healthy, make it’s bones stronger and helps to build up lean and strong muscles. Also, this dog food is suitable for other large breeds: flat-coated, chesapeake bay, golden – these are all retrievers, and irish water spaniel. This isn’t surprising (refer back to the first paragraph).

Best Dry Dog Food For Boxers
dry dog food boxer

I haven’t found a better one than the Royal Canin Boxer 26 Dry Dog Food. Boxers are very active and enthusiastic dogs and therefore they have the same problem common among labradors – great strain on joints and muscles. Protecting your boxer’s joints and promoting proper muscle development are the hallmark of the Royal Canin Boxer 26 Dry Dog Food. With the high quality nutrients present in it, other dry dog foods will have a hard time beating it.

Best Dry Dog Food For German Shepherds
dry dog food german shepherd
There are others, yes there are… But in my opinion, the Royal Canin Breed Health German Shepherd (24) Dry Dog Food is the best for german shepherds. Again german shepherds are very active so they have the same problem. This dog food helps to promote and maintain healthy joints, reduce inflammation, promote optimal digestion, and prevent bloating. It contains important minerals and vitamins that strengthen your german shepherd’s immune system and amino acids that makes the natural skin barrier stronger. It protects your dog’s sensitive skin and promotes good joint mobility.

Best Dry Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

dry dog food golden retriever
You can try the Royal Canin Maxi Golden Retriever Dry Dog Food. The kibble size and shape is designed to reduce bloating and promote efficient digestion of food while reducing the chances of tar-tar and plaque accumulation on the teeth. Some golden retrievers suffer from heart diseases and this is hereditary. The producers of this dog food considered this and included some nutrients to protect your dog’s heart. This food also slows down the aging process and maintains the beauty and health of it’s coat and skin

Best Dry Dog Food For Large Breeds
First, why would you want to buy a general dry dog food for large breeds when there are foods made for your dog’s breed type? Anyway, some people still prefer that and some might be unable to find one for their dog’s breed type. If you are one of them, try the EVO Red Meat Large Bite Dry Dog Food. dry dog food large breedIt’s grain free and contains protein, low carb, fatty acids, and it has been approved by the AAFCO. It also promotes skin and coat health and improves overall health.

Tip: You are better off buying a specific dry dog food for your dog’s breed type. General foods should come second.

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Best Dry Dog Food For Large Breeds: (Golden, Labrador) Retriever, Boxer, German Shepherd
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